Unication G1

Unication G1, the Next Generation Voice Pager. ​The Unication G1 Voice pager is the latest and most technologically advanced fire pager on the market today. Featuring a set of features not found on any other voice pager in the market.  

  • Signaling Options:
  •   2 tone
  •   5/6 tone CDCSS(DPL), CTCSS(PL)
  • Supports both Rechargable AAA (included) or Alkaline batteries
  • 16 Minutes of Voice Storage
  • 11 Minutes of Voice Memo
  • 7 LCD Backlight colors to show which alert tones were activated
  • 64 Channels
  • Rejects Cellphone interference
  • Message Lock
  • Duty on/off
  • Auto on/off
  • Bluetooth optional (supports stereo headphones)
  • 5 Scan Modes (Priority, Normal, Silent, Dual Channel and Free)
  • Available in Black, Yellow, Pink and Red
  • Standard 2 year warranty 5 year option